CV19 Doula Services – 30% discount for new clients

My heart hurts for the mammas who are now facing labor and birth without the support of a doula. The stress that is on the nurses and midwives is great. We are all doing our part to care for the little ones that are being born into this chaotic time. As it stands right now in Denver, but the situation is constantly changing, mothers are allowed one birth partner. As we know, New York is not allowing even one birth partner.

Midwives have a huge influx of moms switching to homebirth. What I have read is that you have to be healthy with no health risks.

The way forward for moms of Denver who will still give birth in a hospital or birth center is to have their birth partners be as prepared as possible. For my current clients I am still teaching the four classes that I normally teach, but I will now teach via FaceTime. I will focus more on making sure the birth partner has notes to take with them, that they have the space to ask any question, to have books that will best prepare them. I also am going to be available for the birth itself, but be there virtually. The help that I can provide is guidance for the birth partner, help make decisions, help keep the labor progressing. Doulas can still be a active part of the labor, we just have to be creative. I want to help mammas find the strength that they have to walk this road. You never walk alone.



This is a picture of a recent birth at Birth Center of Denver.  We worked as a team through FaceTime for about 24hours.  The midwives were gracious and loving to me even though I wasn’t able to be present.