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 Louis’s natural birth


Kaylee and Billy’s natural birth of a 9lb boy



We were quite anxious about the birth of our second child since the first delivery was an emergency c-section and the attending doctors and nurses were not very communicative during the entire process. We did our homework. We went to the hospital classes and read about child birth. But, we did not realize that we needed to advocate for ourselves during the actual birth nor did we know how.

Knowing only generally the role of a doula, we did not think we needed Dawn’s help for our second birth experience. We were going to be courageous, pray, and hope that the second delivery would be better. We were going to ask questions and we thought we knew what to expect.

To our surprise and discomfort, the attending nurse for our second delivery was cold. The vibe of the room seemed very tense. We called Dawn.

Upon her arrival, Dawn comforted us by her words and calm presence. She asked us what we wanted, specifically what Katie needed. She helped Katie work through moments of pain and discomfort. Stayed by Katie’s side throughout. Katie delivered vbac with no pain medicines. Amazing.

Throughout our entire delivery, Dawn was a comforting hand, encouraging voice and calm presenc
e. Dawn’s way of being and caring made the second birth a healing and restorative process. Our fears and memories carried over from the first birthing experience seem to fade in the distance. Katie was exhausted but in great spirits. We are so very thankful to Dawn for the way she took care of us, advocated for us and for the gift of a safe, memorable and redemptive birthing experience.

Katie and Jacob Mohler

Natural Breech 

Dawn was our doula for the births of both of our kids. As first-time parents, she was a wealth of knowledge about the various stages of the pregnancy phase. She met with us several times before the birth to answer questions, calm fears and ultimately help us to develop a birth plan that worked for us.

For the birth itself, my husband and I were encouraged and relieved to have another “teammate” who was an experienced, calming presence. Having Dawn as our doula freed us both from having to do the problem-solving piece of the labor process (i.e. deciding what positions to try). I felt confident in following her coaching. My husband was able to focus on being my encourager.

After the birth, she offered tips on breast feeding and was available in the days post to answer questions.

As second-time parents, we were surprised to be told in the delivery room that our baby was breech. Along with the doctor and nurses, Dawn was able to talk us through a successful (and fast!) vaginal delivery of our baby girl.

If you are considering a doula, Dawn is your woman! I am convinced that hiring her was the best decision we could have made for our birth experiences.

Sarah and Peter Foley

Induction without pain medication 

When I learned I was pregnant with my first child, I had many emotions. I felt exhilarated, emotional, and excited beyond belief, yet very afraid and unprepared. It was one of the most important things I would ever be privileged to experience, yet there was so much that I didn’t know. Dawn came alongside us and helped me prepare my body, mind and soul for this child. In the midst of my countless questions and concerns, she walked me through the process, while keeping my heart focused on the beauty of pregnancy, childbirth and beginning life with my child. Whether it was nutrition, stretching, understanding my body and the progressions of labor, or sharing amazement over the weekly development of my baby, I felt prepared and deeply understood. During the countless hours of my labor, she was solely focused on the best experience for my body and my baby, and kept my eyes fixed on the beauty of it all. After our daughter was born, she provided support and care as my body healed, and information and nurture enabling me to confidently care for my baby. That time in my life was remarkable, rich and deeply soulful. Regardless of your philosophy, situation, or understanding of pregnancy and childbirth, you will find encouragement and expertise through your relationship with Dawn.

Suzy and Chris Florence


5 stars! We were so glad to have Dawn’s help as we prepared for our childbirth. She was a fantastic and knowledgeable resource for all things; from deciding on a doula, what questions to ask any and all caregivers, and how to prepare for our labor and hospital stay based on our specific desires. She even came straight to our house to help with pre labor and baby positioning when the big day arrived. Being 40 and having to be induced with this pregnancy, I was so thankful to have her support and experience right beside me! Thank you Dawn!

Alia, Mother of 3, natural childbirth for all of them! … Heck yes I’m bragging about it!

Alia and Derek Nicholson

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  • I cannot say enough good things about Dawn. We met early in my pregnancy and she was there for me throughout the entire process. She answered questions, provided references for me to read, reassured me when I expressed fear and coached me through the labor and delivery. Dawn taught me and God allowed me to have the beautiful experience of child birth that she had discussed upon our first meeting. My desire was to have a natural delivery if everything was going okay, and I honestly would not have been able to do it without Dawn being there! She coached my husband on things he could do to make me more comfortable which helped him feel useful, she provided suggestions on positions and options to move around and progress labor, and talked me through every single horrible contraction with reassurance that I could get through it. It is clear that Dawn loves her job and is extremely good at it. If you’re even considering hiring a duola, look no further than Dawn. Your partner and you will not regret it.

  • Dawn is a living saint. She helped me bring my second child into the world and I will be forever grateful. After laboring for 5 hours at the hospital, I was told that I was in fake labor & sent home in the middle of the night. During my “fake labor”, Dawn was at our side the entire time. She worked her doula magic to apply counter pressure which essentially took away the pain of my contractions. She turned the baby so that labor could progress-and it certainly worked! Although we were still sent home, Dawn stayed in constant contact with my husband and was waiting outside the hospital for us an hour and a half later in order to rush me and a crowning baby inside. Dawn navigated me through an immediate and very, very fast delivery (about 15 minutes). I was terrified to birth naturally. It Dawn advocated for me, told my husband how to help, communicated with the hospital staff but most importantly, she held my hand in comfort and centered me so that my mind and body could focus on what it needed to. Dawn provided me comfort that I’ll never forget, physically and mentally. If it wasn’t for Dawn being a part of the birth, it would have been scary, fast, painful, traumatic but instead; it was just beautiful.

  • Dawn was incredibly supportive, invested, and creative in supporting our VBAC dream. Dawn obviously loves and honors motherhood, and she is a wealth of knowledge on parenting, preparing siblings, birth philosophy, and preparing the body and mind for birth. We found her class series to be very helpful. We also found her commitment to us and her kindness to be such a comfort. It was the little things that I will always remember about having Dawn as our doula-how she would make time to talk through fears and support me with different techniques to relax and start labor. Ultimately, because of a complicated past birth and medical history, my body did not go into labor, and I followed MD direction for repeat C. Section, which Dawn was always very supportive of our decision as the parents, and always heard our concerns and fears while offering alternate solutions and not giving into fear. We are happy to discuss our VBAC attempt and how helpful Dawn was with any other parent, and we strongly recommend Dawn. We also recommend that, even if your birth is not going as envisioned, that you have Dawn there as a support. We were at peace with our repeat C Section and thought that we would not need additional support, and it turned out that Dawn would have been invaluable at communicating between my husband and myself when our baby had to go to the NICU. The hardest thing about birth is that it is not in your control, but we highly recommend that Dawn be there to advocate and give you as much knowledge and support as possible.

  • We were so grateful to have Dawn’s gentle, calm, and grounding presence with us during our pregnancy journey. And, when our labor experience became difficult and incredibly time intensive, Dawn provided a strong and guiding presence. One of Dawn’s greatest strengths as a doula is her ability to be calm and at the same time, offer the laboring family the push they need to get to each next step that will bring baby closer to delivery. We.highly recommend Dawn!

  • I am a medical professional, very familiar with the OB/GYN and pediatric world and wanted to experience a more holistic side of childbirth after my first son was born via c-section for a breech position. I wanted to have a doula present during the birth of my second child as I attempted a VBAC – vaginal birth after c-section (or TOLAC-trial of labor after c-section, but we don’t say that because we are optimistic- right Dawn ;)?) I had recently moved to the Denver area and found Dawn’s profile and website. Her interesting and in-depth international experience and training seemed to click with my own and something drew me to her. She was quick to answer my long initial contact email about my goals. Long story short, she was absolutely phenomenal – she taught personal pre-birth classes to me and my husband and a stretching regimen to make sure this baby girl was in the right position (she had been breech too on my 32nd week U/S to my dismay but I credit Dawn’s exercises to her being in the correct position by term). Dawn was present every moment during my long hours of latent labor, and was an excellent coach during my short but effective active labor, pushing and post-partum. She helped with pain management techniques and I was able to have a successful vaginal delivery with no complications under the medical supervision of the University hospital OBGYN service. My labor was somewhat high risk- and she was the perfect support person in addition to my husband, and seamlessly integrated into the family and with the medical team. She even took notes and wrote our birth story afterward! I would definitely hire Dawn again for my next baby, and I would recommend her to anyone searching for that extra emotional support and is able to book her (she only take as a couple clients a month). All and all, having her at our delivery was a great experience, worth every penny, and we love Dawn!

  • We absolutely enjoyed working with Dawn and highly recommend her. She offered to meet with us more than other doulas and spent the time with us to build trust and understand our needs. I gave birth to my first child during the COVID-19 pandemic which really changed our plans and she was with us the whole way. We had met with her a few times in person before the stay at home orders necessitated converting to video calls, and she was great about helping us work through our concerns and supporting us through the changes caused by the pandemic. Our meetings included going over the birth process, comfort measures, breastfeeding and establishing our birth philosophy. In the birth philosophy we worked through what was most important to us and under what conditions I would want to receive medical interventions.

    Our goal was to have an unmedicated birth in a birth center, and ultimately this isn’t what happened. After a longer labor failing to progress, we moved to the hospital where I had an epidural and was able to have a vaginal birth. Dawn was with us for a day of early labor over the phone and then for 28 hours on a video call for active labor since she wasn’t allowed to be with us in person. While this wasn’t ideal for anyone, Dawn adapted with us. She helped encourage us, suggested laboring positions, and helped us make informed decisions about our birth. It was a comfort to have Dawn there when we needed to change our plans and switch to the hospital when things weren’t progressing as we had hoped.

    While I was learning to push in an overstimulating hospital room at the peak of my exhaustion, Dawn was a source of calm guidance. My highest priority was to have a vaginal birth, and her coaching during pushing helped me do this when the OB was starting to consider interventions. I’m thankful we had her there with us and for the help she gave me to process the experience afterwards too.

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